Events & Consultancy

Learning is a passion, and it's something I love to share in with others. By connecting with the right experts and being open to challenge, we all become more inclusive and innovative. I offer consultancy on trans inclusion, policy, and trans masc support. I also run wellbeing events that cover art workshops, discussion groups and skills that may help with dysphoria.

If you're interested in any of these for yourself, your business or organisation, get in touch.

Some organisations I have worked with: University of Birmingham, Birmingham Pride, British Gas, Civil Service LGBT+ Network, LGBT+ in STEM, Highways England, Transactual, Shout festival, Diversity Trust.


Casey is an artist who uses this creative outlet to fuel his advocacy work. He produces the Colin Creature Comic weekly with the aim of bringing a little gentle warmth into the world. He creates ad-hoc pieces to comission and has a small leathercraft goods store on etsy, also searchable on instagram via @obsidiancreationsleatherwork. 

If you have something you'd like created, get in touch. All comissions and purchases contribute towards Casey's advocacy work - and if you can't buy something, give it a follow or a share as that contributes too! 

Thank you.

Suzanne H.  // HR Specialist

Casey provided expert advice to us in a compassionate and collaborative way that helped ensure the policy we produced was more well-rounded than had we tried to tackle it alone.

Thank you.

Jake F. // Coachee

After doing the exercise routine Casey made for me, I was in the best shape of my life. I was really proud of the shape Casey helped me achieve and it helped me feel better about myself.

Luke G. // Director

I have a child who recently came out as trans. I was proud to be involved with this training, as it gave me hope for my son's future - and helped me get my language right!

Sunji W. // LGBT+ Committee

Casey is an inspirational speaker and an unrelenting powerhouse for driving and delivering change.

Tate M.  // Event Attendee

This event was mind-blowing! We did a task which I had no idea would have such an impact on me! I've never recognised my dysphoria like this before and I really enjoyed being part of the event!

Niamph G. // Project Collaborator

The way we approached this was more inclusive and had wider reach thanks to the insight and listening Casey brought.

Creating Space for you to be Radiantly Authentic