​evoke the demon within

Tailored for the Trans and LGB+ Community, available to all

  your issue 

​                 isn't a lack of    



you need the mental tools 

& physical skills


                                                                        to enable​ you


                                                                                                                                               to ​reach your


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Design Your Shape

​Gather strategies to tailor your body shape and transform your image regardless of your circumstances.

​Engage your


​Crack open your ego and fall into an abyss of life. Alight a pasionate will to thrive, exactly as you are.  

Develop your mind

​Evolve new ways of thinking to enable broader empathy, deeper understanding and more effective patterns.

​discover your power

​Break through boundaries to reveal a you that walks proudly in the world and offers others hope.

​Your Coach

​Casey Obsidian

​As a qualified fitness coach, I am passionate about helping people reveal and maintain the best version of themselves. I hold a degree in philosophy, a post graduate ​distinction in leadership, and have studied psychology, neuroscience and theology. I look to fuse conflicting patterns, to engage in a deeper understanding of purpose and identity. 

"​What do you gain in your meek sensibilities and cautious hidden wonder? Get that brilliant spirit of yours out and set it alight! Believe in yourself, and you give permission to others to do the same."

Casey Obsidian

Our Principles

​Fearless Empathy

​The wilingness to have compassion and understanding. To have courage, and to stand up for others when you see suffering - even if you know you'll be standing alone.

​Fierce Loyalty

​Having a passionate drive to always stay true to yourself, your values and your tribe.  

​Fluid Aesthetics

​Understanding that the nature of beauty is wonderfully complex. That your body and mind are amazing and that you can achieve ​your aspirations.